Week 7

Trying to understand code is actually a lot more difficult than i thought. But i feel that the more that i look at it and try and read it through, the more that i will understand what it is that you have to do to in typing code.


Week 5

On my organization original website, i noticed that they have the social media off the walls. They have too many things of the same when it comes with Social Media. For example on the home page they have the bar of it three times. One on the side of the page, one on the bottom of the page, and one on the right of the text. In re-creating the website, I hope to create a better looking website with not so many social media standing right out at you and not over whelm the people. Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 6.12.08 PM

Week 4

Since my organization has to do with trying to get free WiFi in local and public areas in India, I notice that here in the United States they are doing the same thing. For example, putting WiFi in parks, or putting it in restaurants. Like Starbucks or McDonalds or Panera Bread. The internet is a growing community and people now a days are using it more and more as time progresses. It amazes me how much that has grown and how everyone now depends on using the internet in their daily lives.